31.12.2007 - 21.05.2010

JJ was my souldog. He was not only a dog, he was my partner, simply my life. When I saw JJ the first time, I knew : I have to get this dog. And really i got the possibility to buy him.

From the first day on JJ and Yamuna were a perfect team and the biggest friends on earth.

JJ was a very calm dog, who was simply lovely and full of pride. He was good with every animal and with all people. JJ was with me wherever I went, he went with me to school or joined me when I met friends.

JJ was always very calm and did not want to run or play. This was not really strange for me in the beginning but as the time went on it began to get worster and worster and I thought that JJ had a little bit problems with breathing. One day it was very bad, so I took him and we drove to the animal clinic. His lungs were X-rayed and they said that he only needs antibiotics to get well again.

So we went home, but a week later it did not get any better, it got worster. So we went back again to the clinic, where they told me JJ had to stay because his lungs looked very bad. The doctors did not know what was going on, but some days later they found out that he had heartworms.

When i got that result I realized that we were in a really bad situation and it was very serious.

Every day at 10 in the morning i drove to my boy and I did everything to help him. The medicine was ordered from France and in the beginning it seemed that he got better an better with the medicine. So the doctors allowed me to take him home.

3 days everything seemed to be perfect, we spend a great time together and I was very happy, and so JJ was.

But than he stopped eating and he broke down several times. So i took him and we drove to the clinic again. There the doctors already gave him up... So my friend Sandra, my family and me were the last persons who believed in him.

I always knew that my JJ will let me know when the time has come to say goodbye but he still said: "Mum let me try, I will fight against this desease, I want to be home with you and Yamuna again!" At that time i learned to speak to JJ, like I do to my friends. I knew when he wanted to drink, or eat or when he had to go out.

He was an unbelieveable dog and I love him like nobody else. The most beautiful experience at that time was, when Yamuna came with me to visit JJ. It seemed like he forgot all his pain and his illness and like he wanted to spend the last day together with his best friend.

On the 21st of May 2010 I arrived in the clinic like every day, but as I saw the vet I knew that no good news were waiting for me. She told me that JJ does feel really really bad and that they wanted to call me at night to tell me that we have to let him go.

So I went to him and there he was, still wagging his tail as he saw me and than he looked at me and there i saw that the shine of his eyes was not there any more, he said to me: " now the time has come mum, i have to go, i love you but please help me now and be strong, like i was the last months." I was crying like hell but I knew that I had to do that for him, because he did so much for me as well.

So we took JJ out for our last walk. As we arrived in the garden small raindrops were falling down from the sky, even the sky was crying for JJ. After that I went to the vet and told her that I will let him go now, I sat down beside my boy took him and held him in my hands, I wanted to stay like this for my whole life. Than JJ slept away in my arms and my boyfriend had to pull me aways because I did not want to leave him for the last time.

He was my everything, my life and it seemed like my life is over now without him. Even today I feel the same pain when I think about that day.

JJ was the best dog in the world, for sure he was, he was more than just a dog, he was my souldog and you get a souldog only once in a lifetime.

JJ my big boy, you have to know that you are my love forever, the memories of you will stay forever and deep in our hearts we are still together forever! We will see us again, I am sure, and than we will never have to leave each other! I love you more than words can say!!