About Us

My name is Romi and I live in Vienna with my 4 dogs. Since I am able to think, I loved dogs and with 17 years i could make my wish come true and I bought my female Yamuna.

This was the best decision in my life, because she brought me so much joy and happiness and she made my life complete. She showed me how great the breed "American Staffordshire Terrier" is and I learned a lot from her.

Soon the rest of my pack followed and now we are a big familiy. Since 2010 I have my kennel, named "Immortal Soldiers".

In my breeding programm it is important for me that my dogs have a great character and that my dogs are healthy! For me these are the most important things for an AmStaff, but of course the appearance and the standard is also important. So I try to compare all this things and create dogs who are healthy, good looking and good tempered.

I am breeding because I love this breed more than everything else and i am full of pride and happiness when I see my dogs working and when I spend my day with them.